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Our news
Oversized cargo transportation
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Logistics - Consolidated freight

Trucking is one of the main services provided by our company. Since its founding in Ukraine, ICT-West has been providing overland transport services between Western Europe and countries of the former USSR. We are constantly introducing new routes and improving methods for trucking freight.
Currently, we work in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltics. We also arrange trucking to the Balkans, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus. A wide network of ICT offices in the CIS countries allows us truck freight to Iran, India, China and other countries.
Our partners are the largest and most reliable trucking companies in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS, with proven track records in their countries. Proper vehicle maintenance and inspection, experienced drivers and mandatory insurance guarantee the safety of your shipment.
High standards of trucking assured due to:
  • Well-maintained vehicle fleets and service facilities
  • Qualified and professional staffing at all levels
  • Individual approaches to customer requests
  • Constantly updated vehicle monitoring available to ICT managers and customers
  • Prompt reaction to unforeseen circumstances during delivery
  • Financial responsibility for the timing of deliveries and storage
Contracts are flexible and can be entered into for any time period. We guarantee their confidentiality.

ICT-West offers the widest range of cargo delivery services in Ukraine. We can provide vehicles for any type of trucking:
  • Tented multiple semitrailer trucks
  • Multiple 'Jumbo' and 'Mega' semitrailers
  • Metal and isothermal trailers
  • All types of refrigerated trailers
  • High-capacity multiple trailers
  • Low capacity lorries, cars, minivans
  • Vehicles for hazardous materials
  • Low-clearance vehicles for oversized cargo
ICT will deliver any kind of cargo to any place in the world on time.
Oversized, overweight and non-standard cargo presents the most difficulties for transport and handling, requiring experience and involving higher costs. ICT-West is ready to take on such tasks, including the full spectrum of handling and services:
  • Detailed route planning
  • Freight forwarding scheme analysis
  • Acquisition of all necessary permits
  • Road clearance when and if necessary
  • Accompanied/escorted freight services
  • Freight security
We use special vehicles designed for the delivery of all kinds of oversized, overweight and non-standard cargo:
  • Telescopic TIEFBETT trailer with dismantling cargo platform.
Extension length 7.5 to 11.5 m, hydraulic axles
Trailer length - 18 m
Max. load - 48 t
Loading platform height - 50 cm
  • Extending 3 m SEMITRAILER
Aluminium ramp feed, hydraulic axles
Semitrailer length - 19,5-26 m
Loading platform height - 80-90 cm
Max. load - 25-38 t
Width - up to 2,75 m
  • Double platform with hydraulic axles
Length - 32 m
Loading platform height - 135 cm
Max. load - 30 tons

To ensure that the customers interests come first, we always take into account cargo safety and security, offering optimal solutions in terms of pricing. We co-operate with other transport companies so that your oversized cargo transits through other regions and countries safely.
We deliver:
  • Heavy road construction equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Harvesters, tractors, construction machinery, etc.
  • Architectural elements and pre-fabricated construction materials
  • Large barrels, tanks, containers
  • Pipes
  • Boats, yachts, motor boats
  • Oil-drilling equipment, etc.
You won't be able to ship oversized or hazardous cargo by yourself. It is our job to do it for you.
ICT has been providing air freight services since 1994 and has its own office at Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv). Modern equipment and experienced staff guarantee quick delivery of your cargo worldwide, tracking it all the way.

ICT is a forwarding agent for a number of international airlines and can offer special pricing for air freight to and from any point in the world. The worldwide ICT network provides excellent services in destination countries, ensuring high-standard door-to-door delivery.

In emergency cases, express air freight shipment is available from Boryspil airport to any location in Ukraine within 24 hours.

ICT air freight offers:
  • All types of planes for charter air freight
  • Cargo delivery via regularly scheduled flights to Europe and worldwide
  • Cargo delivery via regularly scheduled passenger flights
  • Cargo delivery from a sender's location to an airport and from an airport to a recipient
  • Express delivery throughout Ukraine within 24 hours
  • Customs clearance
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Cargo storage in customs warehouse
  • Handling of valuable goods and hazardous materials
  • Oversized cargo delivery
  • Air freight cargo insurance
We have worked out optimal cargo routes to all locations in the world, guaranteeing on-time deliveries at reasonable prices.
Since 1972 sea cargo has been one of the main activities of the International Container Transport GmbH company. In 1994, this service started up in Ukraine with the opening of an office in Odessa.

Today ICT is one of the leading western shipping companies in terms of deliveries by sea. Since 1994 the capacity of sea cargo has increased significantly, alongside an expanded range of services and transportation routes.

Thanks to effective co-operation with International Freight Transport Inc., an ICT unit in the United States, the US route has assumed a special position in our activities. We offer the most comprehensive services and most attractive rates in Ukraine for US-bound shipments. ICT works with all major ports in the world and has an extensive network of carriers and forwarders worldwide.

ICT provides the following range of sea cargo services:
  • High-Cube container freight forwarding (20’, 40’ and 40’)
  • Non-standard cargo delivery by means of special 'Flat Rack' and 'Open Top' containers
  • Container handling in Odessa and Illichivsk ports
  • Multi-module (container-truck) transport via Western European ports (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp and others)
  • General cargo delivery, including bulk cargo, equipment and machinery
  • Vessel chartering
  • Port forwarding, including independent assessment of cargo quality and quantity
  • Cargo receipt, storage and trans-shipment
  • Loading and unloading
  • Export-import document management
  • Transport by means of river vessels, river-sea vessels and ferries
Our sea freight forwarding provides efficient delivery from any remote location.
“Door-to-door” consolidated cargo delivery is one of the most complicated of forwarding tasks. Its management is similar to the management of an orchestra: you cannot do it successfully without an experienced conductor. Receiving cargo on time from a sender located in Great Britain, France or Finland, quickly dispatching it to terminal in Kyiv and then transferring it to a recipient located anywhere in Ukraine is not an easy task. Here one must take into account differences in customs legislation of each of the countries in question, special customs requirements for transit and the need for cargo trans-shipment at warehouses. Operations along this entire chain must work smoothly.

ICT is an essential link in this complex transport chain. Our offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, and agents in all Western and Central Europe countries, provide rapid and regular forwarding from their countries. Our partners on the borders and experienced drivers ensure rapid and timely deliveries to the terminal in Kyiv.

Staff of our consolidated freight department will arrange customs formalities, handle cargo at our own warehouse in Kyiv and organize delivery to the recipient by ICT vehicles. We also deliver consolidated cargo from Ukraine to European countries and the United States.

We have everything required for the successful management of delivery:
  • Regular dispatch of trucks from Western European countries
  • Close cooperation with partners and forwarders
  • Experience with border crossing and customs clearance
  • Our own customs warehouse in Kyiv
  • Reliable and experienced staff in our consolidated cargo department
  • Our own fleet of vehicles with a wide load capacity range
As a result, we offer the shortest delivery times and optimal safely for your shipment. We deliver cargo to any address, unpack and assemble furniture, and set up equipment as required.

For urgent and important cargo, we have introduced a special service – express-delivery across Ukraine within 24 hours!

Since 1993, we have handled thousands of cargo shipments from every corner of the world. Our mission is to provide top-class services in the delivery of every single item of freight. We are constantly enhancing delivery technologies.

A new ICT warehouse was opened in Vyshneve in 2005 and is fully operational. It meets all requirements of Category A storage and is one of the largest warehouses in Ukraine, accommodating 10,000 pallets. Its cargo storage capacity is equivalent to 300 trucks, and the facility has a height of 13 m for vertical racks.

ICT-West's warehouse in Lviv was opened in 2006. It has the following features:
  • Convenient location within city limits
  • Modern office facilities
  • Phone and internet services
  • Excellent approach roads
  • Heating
  • Full spectrum of storage technologies available
  • Storage on floor
  • Reliable 24-hour security
The features listed above make this warehouse complex the “number one” facility for regional distribution and cargo storage.

Our news

In Ukraine, significantly increased freight

Since the beginning of 2011 by 11.6% increased volumes of freight traffic. Throughout the semester transported 292.5 million tons of cargo (for comparison, for the first half of 2010 - 262 million tons). Of these road - 66,7 million tons